Our samples help you select fabrics, finishes and more!

Furnishings today come in many different colors, fabrics and finishes, and the choices can be overwhelming. If you find a piece of furniture that you like online, you may find yourself clicking through page after page of sample colors and wondering which ones are most true to life. At Knox and Panoply, we take the guesswork out of selecting new fabrics and furnishings by offering literally thousands of options for you to actually examine right here in our showrooms and design offices.

These leather and wood samples from Craftmaster, above, are just a few of the many actual product samples we have available onsite. We have thousands of fabric samples from a variety of manufacturers throughout Knox and Panoply, so you can customize a piece of furniture to make it perfect for you and your home. In our design library, we also have samples of everything from granite and wood finishes to wallpaper, rugs, countertop finishes, hardware and more.

If you’re looking at a computer monitor, a swatch of fabric or a finish may not display with the true color. If you’re holding the actual swatch in your hand, however, you are able to see and touch the material. Not only can you see the actual color, but you can also examine the texture and feel of the fabric or finish to determine if it’s the quality you desire. If you’d like to see some of the many samples at Knox and Panoply, just call or come by and we’ll locate the best product samples to help you create just the room or furnishings you desire.

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