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Sometimes, despite all the research and effort a homeowner dedicates to a home renovation project, the results still can come up, well, lacking.  Most interior designer shows and magazines focus on the current trends and tips to make your home look fabulous – unfortunately, they can sometimes neglect to establish what you should NOT do when decorating your home.

Don’t “wing” it –

We see people that will purchase items to go in their home because it caught their eye or they just like how it looks.  The problem with this is, without an actual plan, purchasing random things you find can cause your home to seem disorganized, mismatched, or even cluttered.  We oftentimes see that if you purchase things before you have a plan and are prepared, space issues can arise.  Items may not fit in the space like you imagined, or just simply looks bad in the space!  So always have a plan in place before you start purchasing items. Also very important: measure, measure, measure! Don’t leave home without a notepad with space measurements, window measurements, and so on. This will save you unnecessary headaches.

Don’t choose wall colors in the store –

A huge mistake some people make is choosing their paint colors while in the store.  Think about the lighting in some of our major hardware and paint stores – fluorescent.  Is your home lit with fluorescent lighting? We sure hope not! Look at your paint swatches in natural light and in the light of your home.  Even then, you do not want to order several gallons of paint without first seeing a sample painted on your wall. So order a quart of the paint, take it home and try it out. You may find that the color varies greatly from the swatch.

Don’t overcrowd your rooms –

Another mistake we see people make, is overcrowding rooms with furniture or other items. Sometimes, it is even to the point where walking through the room is a chore.  You don’t want pieces of furniture creating barriers or right in the middle of traffic areas.  Sometimes, simpler really is better.  Too many pieces put in one room can cause the room to look much smaller than it really is.  Leave some room and space – this will cause the room to open and large.

We hope these “decorating don’ts” will be useful to you.  For advice on how to create a stunning design for your home, schedule a consultation with one of our many professionally trained, interior designers. Our designers offer over 55 years of combined design experience in both residential and commercial interior design.  For more information, please give us a call at (770) 251-4557 or simply drop by our gallery located at 16 Greenville Street, Newnan Georgia 30263.  We would be glad to speak with you.

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