Panoply Interior Design Inspired by New Color Palettes at High Point Market

 I always go to High Point Market that takes place in North Carolina in April and October of each year.  Even if I am not going to buy for a client or for my business, I still like to go to see the new introductions from all the lines that I use and to see what the trends are in home furnishings and color palettes.  It is inspiring and fun to see how the showrooms are decorated and what colors are trending in the marketplace.  This year I was somewhat surprised to see the color pink wherever I went.  There were pink shopping bags, and beautiful pink fabrics and even new furniture introductions in yes, the color pink.  I am not talking hot pink or bright pink but a very soft subdued pink that harkens back to the early 1960’s.  It is a very serene color and I saw it mixed with soft white tones as well as grays and pale greens.  Stanley Furniture introduced a new grouping that they call “Preserve” that featured this particular shade of pink.  They called the finish Orchid and   the other finish colors in the collection were called Salted Silver Leaf and Lamb’s Ear.  You get the idea, all soft colors.  Stanley Furniture refers to the Preserve Collection as European-inspired.  They go on to say it is enveloped in a subdued palette of handcrafted paint and stain finishes that bring a sense of respite to any room of the home.   The collection will not be available for shipping until later in the year but if you would like to take a look at the catalog we have it at Panoply Interior Design and can order it for you. 



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