Panoply Interior Design Involved with Newnan Centre

As many of you may know, The City of Newnan is in the process of building a new convention center adjacent to the The Centre for Performing & Visual Arts on Lower Fayetteville Road.  The Newnan Centre, its official name, is due to open in August of this year and will be host to weddings as well as conferences, lectures and other community events.  Panoply has been fortunate enough to be involved with the center since its inception early last year, specifying the interior furnishings, millwork design, custom lighting and materials throughout the space.  Designed in a mission style reflective of the architectural plans, the interiors carry rich woods and natural motifs while maintaining a contemporary edge through modern furnishings and finishes.  We have worked hard pulling together what we believe to be an exciting interiors package and are excited to see the project finally coming into completion! To learn more about The Newnan Centre, visit their website at

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