Panoply Interior Design is thinking in Color

If you are thinking Fall and going into 2014 will be a diaphanous time, filled with intrinsic, reasoned curiosity, you would be right—at least according to Color Marketing and Sherwin Williams.  The paint and color experts made their annual color forecasts and the 38 key colors that fit into four palettes reflect everything from global culture to simple duality.

 Here’s the preview:

Reasoned:  With shades of black, white, and gray, the hues of Reasoned represent shadows, negative space and tone-on-tone layering.

Diaphanous:  This palette on the other hand reflects delicate simplicity and balance; silk, chiffon, feathers, natural wool, rose gold, barely-there patterns and soft florals characterize this palette.

Curiosity:  Science and geology drive this palette, with metallics, minerals and gems influencing the color choices.

Intrinsic:  Global patterns and trends drive this palette.  It’s about a new appreciation for handmade crafts such as lace, embroidery, batik and other ethnic dyeing methods.

 I am seeing these motifs in the new fall fabrics that are arriving daily at Panoply.  The so-called Reasoned palette has been around a while, as have many of the others if you have been paying attention to decorating magazines.  I guess you could say that “everything that goes around comes around” is certainly true in the world of interior design.

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