Panoply Interior Design loves Sunbrella Fabrics

When designing a family room for a family with children, rarely in the past did a designer or the homeowner even consider a white fabric.  But things have certainly changed with the introduction a few years ago of Sunbrella Fabrics into the housing market.  Thought of primarily for outdoor uses on furniture and even prior to that on awnings, these outdoor fabrics have come a long way in designs and colors.  Sunbrella has been imbraced by designers and furniture manufacturers the world over and is now used as much indoors as out.  Recently I did a project in Peachtree City and another in Griffin, Georgia both family rooms with children in the household.  The clients wanted the room to be light and airy and of course as durable as possible.  Panoply choose the fabrics based on their durability as well as the ability to clean up any boo-boos with ease.  Since the clients longed for a white sectional, although they knew that with children that could be a disaster, Panoply was able to point out to them that they didn’t need to concern themselves with sippy cups or muddy feet as long as the fabric choice was Sunbrella.  The cleaning and care instructions were simple and easy.  For stains, add one cup of bleach, YES BLEACH, to one gallon of soap and water.  Apply directly to the stain.  Use a sponge or soft brush to clean.  Allow mixture to soak into fabric for up to 15 minutes.  Rinse thoroughly.  Air dry.  Alsways rinse thoroughly.  Bleach won’t harm Sunbrella fabric, but it could damage clothing if not rinsed away.  The fabric dries quickly. 

The furniture line I use the most that offers the widest choices of Sunbrella Fabrics is Miles Talbott Furniture.  Their Sunbrella Fabrics are designed by Joe Ruggiero and he uses travel as his inspiration.  For the April 2014 International Furniture Market in High Point, Joe introduced five different groups of fabrics based on his travels naming the groups Malibu Beach House, London Twonhouse, Grand Salon, English Country Cottage and San Francisco Victorian.  The new fabrics emphasize soft, muted color ways and textrual effects throughout.  Although the new fabrics won’t ship until later this summer, Panoply has hundreds of past designs in our library for you to see.

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