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It has been close to two months since my son was diagnosed with a brain tumor and I am happy to report he is doing great so far with his treatments.  In fact, he only has two more weeks of radiation and chemo left and then he’ll rest from all that for a month before another MRI will be done.  The oncologist, who is wonderful and forthright in all discussions, has told Rob not to expect much from the first MRI, as his brain will be angry at all the abuse it has had to withstand but that this MRI will give them a baseline.  Then in roughly 2 months another MRI will be done and we will all be holding our breathe for a good report.

 With my son’s diagnosis, we have all learned to take every day as a blessing and live our life with intention.  You certainly learn to appreciate the beauty around you and to stop “sweating the small stuff”.  It’s a pretty remarkable way to live and when silly, stupid mini crisis’s pop up, you realize they are not important at all.

 This afternoon we are loading up the car to make a road trip to Big Canoe to stay at a home that I designed a year ago.  It was a wonderful project with wonderful clients who have become good friends, which often happen in this business of interior design.  One of the perks of my job is when you work with a client on a “get-away” home they are always gracious and invite you to use it as your own.  I am careful not to take advantage of such an open invitation but on occasion I do.   When my client in Big Canoe learned of my son’s diagnosis, they graciously insisted that we come and bring the grandkids and spend a long weekend.  Since school is out for fall break and a long weekend we are doing just that.  So today we head out with Grandson in tow and tomorrow after Rob’s treatment he and Christi and Sara Ashley will be joining us for what I am sure will prove to be a relaxing and wonderful weekend.  We plan to watch the Georgia game on Saturday and take advantage of the fall weather and a fall festival that is taking place.  So, if you call Panoply and the call goes to voice mail, just know that we are enjoying ourselves and will be back on Tuesday refreshed and ready to take care of Panoply’s customers and friends.

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