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The last three weeks have proved to be the most heart wrenching and difficult time of my life.  As many of you know on August 16th, my son was diagnosed with a mass on the right front lobe of his brain.  This was after several weeks of headaches that would not go away.  He had successful surgery on August 20th to remove the tumor and looked wonderful after the surgery.  We were all amazed that the surgeon only shaved less than 1/4 inch of hair just around the incision and that Rob awoke talking and bright eyed.  His first words to the surgeon upon waking were WOW.  Wow indeed!  Unfortunately, the pathology report was not what we had hoped for and Rob started the therapy of chemo and radiation yesterday.  So far so good.  He will take a chemo pill every day for 40 days and radiation M-F for 6 weeks.  After that he will have an MRI to see how if the treatment has done what we are hoping and praying will be the results. Then a follow-up MRI every two months for the rest of Rob’s life.  we are all praying for miracles and claiming there will be many.   Although this has been a stressful time and quite scary, it has also been a sweet time as well with the whole family spending precious time together and really connecting on every level.  It is unfortunate that it sometimes takes a major event such as this to really get your attention and make you realize that you only have today and life can change in a heartbeat and it certainly makes you think about priorities and what is important.  To help out as best I can, I will be leaving the office most every day at 3 to pick up my Grandson and then to spend time with Rob before I go home to relieve the caregiver who stays with my 101-year-old mother.  So I have changed my hours to be 8:00-3:00 Monday through Friday rather than the previous 10:00-5:00 business hours.  Please know that I am still taking care of my clients and working just as hard but have re-arranged my day to take care of family as well.  We are still taking new clients and fulfilling the work in progress on existing jobs.  Panoply has a wonderful telephone system that if you call and we are away from the telephone, you can leave a message and it goes straight to my cell-phone as an email.  I will call you back as soon as possible but you do have to leave a message on the system so that I know you have called. 

On August 29th we celebrated my son Rob’s 42nd birthday at “Two Urban Licks” in Atlanta.  As you can see from the smiles on all of our faces, we had a great evening.  Just a reminder to give a big hug to those special someone’s in your life and take the time to enjoy those you love.


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