Panoply Interior Design provides artwork for Piedmont Cancer Wellness Center

Just completed a design project for Piedmont Newnan’s Cancer Wellness Center.  Panoply was brought in late on the project to help complete with the art.  The marching orders I received were to find art with a nature theme and for it to be bright and cheerful.  I went to my favorite art source that I have used before on many residential projects and was able to find many bright cheery prints of birds, butterflies, flowers and restful scenes with trees and water.  For good measure I threw in a contemporary print with a bicycle for the nutritionist’s office.   The art source I used was Leftbank Art out of California.  The people I work with Leftbank are so helpful and generous with their time and suggestions that they really have me spoiled.  We also added one original piece by Newnan’s own David Boyd.  It is rather large, 50”x72”.  The subject we chose was a field of bright, sunny sunflowers.  You can’t get more cheerful than that!  David of course did us proud with his work.  He painted it in record time and we hung it and all the other pieces in time for the ribbon cutting this past Thursday.  We received lots of nice compliments and we are thankful to add a little joy to the cancer patients and their caregivers as they use this wonderful facility.

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