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They say the more things change the more they remain the same.  While looking through my picture gallery, I ran across this precious picture of my grand-daughter when she was maybe 3 or 4.  She will be twelve in September and it is sometime hard to remember when she was this age.  The picture was taken for an ad Panoply was putting together and it said, “You are never too young to get in the habit of shopping at Panoply.”  Sara Ashley is sitting in the window of the store, surrounded by Panoply merchandise and a Panoply shopping bag.  Fast forward to 2013, and we have closed the retail part of our business to concentrate on just the interior design business. This frees us up to come and go as needed and to take a long vacation like the one we just completed to Arizona.  Panoply has moved our entrance around the corner to Spring Street where we go and come to our upstairs studio.  This is where Panoply’s resource library and offices have always been since we bought the building and restored it in 2001.   Because we are no longer facing Greenville Street and the downstairs is empty and for rent, many people think we have closed, but we are still very much in business and still carry all the great lines we always have had and ordered for our clients.  I don’t miss the retail and love the new freedom, but I must admit I hate having the downstairs space empty with no renter.  Lately I have been thinking about re-opening Flint Gallery but don’t really want to have the day to day responsibility for running it.  Anybody out there interested?? 

Back to my beautiful grand-daughter and that adorable picture of her.  Makes me nostalgic for her being that age again and well, me being 8 years younger myself.   However, time marches on and we all change with the times or we stagnate and become stale.  You just  never know what may be around the next corner and that is the exciting part of living.

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