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Are you ready to create a fabulous dining room atmosphere in your home?  The dining room is a wonderful place to let your style shine.  There are two main aspects you should think about when deciding on a look for your dining room: lighting and color.  Both can be used to create a unique dining room experience.  This week, let us look at what different types of lighting can do for your dining room.

Lighting choices for dining rooms

As you can see from the photos posted, each of the three dining rooms that Panoply designed has different styles of lighting.  Notice the casual chandelier in dining room #1. Chandeliers are great in dining rooms, but not all chandeliers have to be fancy.  The mini lamp shades on this chandelier and the lower lighting it creates, gives the room a casual and romantic feel that you could not accomplish with a more formal chandelier.

Dining room #2 is a perfect example of how to use a formal chandelier to create an upscale, lavish dining room atmosphere. Notice the crystal embellishments giving this chandelier a classic formal look.  If you desire a breathtaking, elegant dining room – a formal chandelier is the way to go.

As you can see, the lighting in dining room #3 is vastly different than the first two – creating, in turn, a vastly different style of room.  The recessed lighting in this room goes perfectly with the modern atmosphere designed in this room.  This is an open area that connects to other rooms, so the recessed lighting integrates beautifully with the other rooms that are in view.

Whether you prefer a fancy, formal area or a country cottage feel for your dining room – Panoply Interior Design and Consulting can help you turn your vision into a reality.  If you are ready to achieve a fresh, new look in your home or business – give us a call at (770) 251-4557 or stop by our location at 16 Greenville Street | Newnan Georgia 30263.


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