Pindler’s exotic new fabrics: Newport Mansions Doris Duke Indoor/Outdoor Collection

Newport Mansions Doris Duke Indoor/Outdoor Collection courtesy of Pindler fabrics

Indoor/outdoor fabrics are increasingly popular in today’s home fabric collections, and Pindler has introduced the Newport Mansions Doris Duke Indoor/Outdoor Collection, an eclectic assortment of exotic patterns inspired by the batiks, sarongs, kimonos, and personal gatherings of iconic world traveler Doris Duke. Duke had a passion for handcrafted textiles from around the globe, and Pindler has drawn from her textiles with this new collection.

Inspiration came from the archives at Doris Duke’s Rough Point estate in Newport, Rhode Island. There, the experts at Pindler were excited to discover a trunk filled with artisan indigo hand woven textiles, all dyed with indigo using century-old techniques and collected during Duke’s travels in various countries around the world. Each document has an interesting story and unique process to how it was made. Pindler has interpreted the original batiks into performance Indoor-Outdoor fabrics, all woven with 100 percent solution-dyed acrylic.

Solution-dyed all-weather acrylic is the perfect performance fabric for casual indoor and outdoor living. Solution-dyed acrylic is durable, resists moisture, fading and mildew, while it also beautiful, breathable, and feels soft and comfortable to the touch. This fabric retains its color and strength; withstands years of normal exposure to the elements; resists mildew, rot, chlorine, and atmospheric chemicals; and cleans very easily with a solution of mild liquid soap and water.The fabrics also have a five-year year limited warranty. From a design standpoint, they are wonderfully soft and can be used both indoors and outdoors for upholstery, slip covers, accessories, and much more. If you’re interested in learning more about these or other Pindler fabrics, give us a call at 770-251-4557 and we’ll be happy to help.

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