Pull up a Chair. Accent chairs can change a room.

When you want a quick and easy way to update the look of a room, or add some of the latest trends without the expense of completely overhauling it, there is one easy answer; accent chairs.  Whether adding a pop of color, a bit of whimsy or merely offering a reflection of your own personality, accent chairs provide a creative and often unexpected element to a room.

Accent chairs have grown in popularity because they allow a single piece of furniture to become a unique part of the space.  We are seeing traditional frame chairs with unexpected designs, using modern fabrics and finishes.  Today’s trends allow for accent chairs to take many forms, from armless to recliners to wingbacks.  By adding one chair, one can also introduce more than one color or style to the room.  Contrasting patterns or colors add interest to the space and allow you to play with designs in a fresh new way.  Some of the trends going strong now are using large-scale geometrics and bold patterns.  When combined with bright colors these big and bold patterns make an immediate impression.  They are particularly popular on wing chairs and Bergere chairs.  Another way to update is to use polished metallic finishes and lacquers on the accent chair.  Fresh, non-traditional finishes are being used to create a sleek, edgy look and can even update or modernize the look of a more traditional style chair.  You could also try replacing traditional fabrics with hides, textured leather or vinyl.  New fabrics can add interest to the look and style of today’s chairs.  Be bold and step out of your comfort zone.  Not only will the accent chair update your room it will add a smile to your face every time you enter.  Panoply offers many style chairs and fabrics for a new chair or an update of an existing one.  Call Panoply Interior Design and we can help you select the accent chair from Hickory Chair, Sherrill Furniture or Miles Talbot.  There is an accent chair awaiting you.

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