Questions, answers and reflections of an Interior Designer

Today I was reading an article in a trade magazine about Candice Olson the hard working interior designer, television personality and author who has now added to her resume designing furniture for Century Furniture and textiles for Surya and Kravet.  The article is really a question and answer session with the designer, asking some interesting and somewhat thought provoking questions.  So after reading the questions and her responses, I decided I would try to answer the same questions so here goes:

 How do you define your personal style?  Although in the early stages of my career I was drawn to traditional design, I now prefer a more relaxed look with a neutral palette, simple lines and splashes of color here and there.  I love texture and putting patterns together however so I still have a tenancy to go back to my traditional roots.  I have always been drawn to cottage style however since it is so darn romantic and comfortable and reminds me of growing up.  I do have a bit of the nostalgia in me.

 What’s the last thing you bought for yourself that you really love?  I have a weakness for pottery and although I have too much of it already I can’t seem to resist making a purchase when I see it.  The last piece I purchased was a green bowl with frogs on the edge.  It was a vintage piece, not my usual but I had to have it.

 What’s the thing you’d really love to buy next?  Did I mention the little problem I have with pottery? 

 Where’s your favorite place in the world?  I haven’t traveled a lot but of the places I’ve been it’s a toss up between Venice, Italy and the countryside in Ireland.  Venice was so romantic and interesting and the greens in Ireland just blew me away.  In the good ole’ US of A, I love the mountains with the big shade trees and cool breezes.  That is what I am really drawn to as opposed to my husband who is all about the water and boats.

 What’s your oldest possession, something you would hate to part with?  When I first set up housekeeping, I purchased an old chest from an antique dealer.  It is a Piedmont chest in pine and has lots of distress marks all over it, which the dealer referred to as character marks.  It was manufactured at Flat Shoals in Gay, Georgia when there was a furniture manufacturer there 100’s of years ago.  The wood is golden and it is put together with pegs.  My husband laughs at me when I say it has to be valuable because I think he sees it as a piece of junk, but I love it.

 What’s your favorite meal and where do you like to have it?  Frank’s Specialty sandwich, eaten after an afternoon of golf.  Franks Restaurant off of Interstate 85, exit 56. I also love picnics with the people I love, anytime and any place…as long as there is shade!

 If you hadn’t chosen the career you have, what would you have been instead?  I would owe a bookstore and be a writer.  I love reading and it is the most relaxing thing I can think of doing.  To be surrounded by books all the time is my idea of heaven.

The picture to the right is my husband, and two grand-children and Mother from several years ago.  My Mom passed away August 7, 2014 and this picture was of a picnic we took to a state park.  Mom was doing well then and it was a beautiful day.  Thanks to everyone who send cards and expressed their sadness at our loss.  She will be missed

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