Quick Bathroom Update Ideas – Newnan Interior Design







Do you want to update your bathroom?  Here are a few tips that will help to improve your bathrooms:

  1. One thing that will make a huge difference is to paint your cabinets.
  2. Another remodeling tip could be to have a framed mirror instead of a wall mirror.
  3. Instead of having a single shower curtain, you can have two and have them look like a real window treatment.
  4. Hanging baskets for storage or open shelves for storage is another way to improve your bathroom.
  5. If you like to change décor according to the season, having a neutral bathroom with pops of color may be the way to go.  Pops of color can be added with the use of towels, flower arrangements, and candles.
  6. Instead of painting, maybe go for a bolder look and try a patterned wallpaper.


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