Red and green color palette a versatile one

The red and green table linens used to decorate one of our residential projects are perfect for Christmas entertaining.

Red and green will forever be a popular color palette at Christmas, but try experimenting with some different shades of these traditional colors to freshen your holiday decor. As shown in the photo above, a shade of green such as celadon or lime green can pair beautifully with classic reds. Pillows, rugs and even ornaments can all be collected to add to the festive decor.

If you’d like some color palette inspiration, visit Pinterest and do a search for “Christmas color palette.” One of the palettes currently on display features “Produce Hues,” which include the deep red of an apple and the vivid hunter green found in the leaves of produce. Another palette, “Flora Hues,” takes its cue from the orange-red blooms of a Christmas cactus and its olive-green leaves.

The “Winter Berry” palette features the deep burgundy colors of berries and the greens of holly and other Christmas greenery. “Poinsettia Brights” is a palette which uses the pinkish-red colors of a poinsettia and the mossy green of its leaves. If you’re choosing a variation of the classic Christmas color palette this year, enjoy gathering and using some of the many wonderful shades of “red and green.”

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