Revolution Performance Fabrics: “Because Life Happens”

“Because Life Happens.” That’s the motto of Revolution Performance Fabrics, the stain-resistant, affordable, made-in-America fabrics now available through Knox and Panoply. What makes Revolution Fabrics different? First, Revolution Fabrics are woven using solution dyed Olefin yarn. In the solution dye process, pigment is added to the fiber while the Olefin is in a liquid state. This is the only way to dye Olefin, because the fiber will not dye or stain in its natural state. A good analogy for a solution dyed yarn is a carrot; when you cut the carrot, it is orange all the way through. (Other yarns are like a radish; the color is only on the outside.) This makes Revolution Fabrics very easy to clean using soap and water, common household cleaners and even diluted bleach. Stains should be spot cleaned, rinsed lightly with water, and air dried.

These stain resistant properties are inherent in the yarn. Most performance fabrics rely on chemical after-treatments for cleanability. The safety of these chemicals is being questioned in both the United States and Europe, and these chemicals will wear off over time. Revolution Fabrics use no chemical after-treatments of any kind, so no potentially dangerous chemicals will ever be transferred to people or pets.

Revolution Fabrics are also fade resistant and have been rated for over 300 hours of light fastness, far exceeding the 40-hour standard for indoor residential and commercial use. They are water repellent as well, absorbing no more than .01 percent of water by weight. Revolution Fabrics wick moisture away so that the fabric and cushion can easily be cleaned, unlike chemical treatments that repel water.

If you’d like to learn more about new furnishings upholstered with Revolution Performance Fabrics, call or stop by Knox and Panoply, and we’ll be happy to tell you more.

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