Earth tones a popular color palette for fall furniture

An earth-toned grouping recently featured in our Knox Furniture showrooms

Fall decor turns our thoughts to neutrals and earth tones, and fortunately for the home decorator, these colors are stylish choices that are popular all year round! The elegant Craftmaster wingback chair above features a rich brown fabric that would be at home in both traditional and contemporary decors.

Earth tones can range from very light beige to the darkest brown, and at no time of year are these warm neutrals more popular than fall. The color experts at Sherwin-Williams currently have a color palette called “Enriched Earth” that is perfect for fall decorating inspiration. “Oxidized and exotic, the colors of Enriched Earth encourage you to dig your toes into the soil and experience how a palette of rich and complex colors can visually transport you anywhere in the world. From a spice market in North Africa to a Bedouin caravan in the sands of the Sinai Peninsula to the unparalleled geological marvels of the American Southwest.” (Click here if you would like to preview these colors for yourself.)

And for some of the best fall decorating inspiration around, we invite you to stop by our showrooms at Knox Furniture in Newnan and see some of the latest furniture and accessories, including our elegant earth-toned chair from Craftmaster, a generously scaled wing chair in this rich brown fabric. Best of all, hundreds of other fabric choices are available as well, making sure our furniture is customized to give you just the look you want!

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