With careful planning, sectionals can be a great design choice

Sectional from Craftmaster

For those who have large families, who entertain a lot, or who simply enjoy the comforts of a large living space, a sectional sofa can be a terrific piece of furniture. Because a sectional by definition consists of multiple pieces, these sofas provide flexibility and can be used in a number of ways in a room.

Because sectional sofas tend to be such a focal point in a room, they don’t often have to have too many other pieces to go with them. Sometimes, simply arranging one chair diagonally opposite a sectional sofa can provide balance to a room.

While sectionals can be a great design choice, they also need to be planned carefully, so homeowners are advised to measure the room and make sure a new sectional is the correct size for the space.

One of the great sectional sofas we recently featured at Knox and Panoply is this Craftmaster sectional in gray, an on-trend color choice. And since Craftmaster is known for its Custom Order program, this sectional is also available in other styles and fabrics so that homeowners can choose the style that best suits their decorating needs. To learn more about sectionals and see some of the latest styles, give us a call or stop by Knox and Panoply today.

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