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Don’t be afraid of the small space.

Decorating Small Spaces AtlantaDecorating a small space can seem equally easy and daunting depending on your circumstances. When renting an apartment, condo or town home you can be certain to experience restrictions when it comes to painting. You may also be limited by the style of finishes such as counter top, cabinet and flooring colors. Or perhaps that small space is a bonus room or quirky little area in your home that you can’t quite seem to find the right layout for. The good news is that there is always a bright side. A few tips and tricks provided by the skilled designers at Panoply Interior Design can help make everything come together cohesively without sacrificing STYLE!

Leasing? No problem.

For those of you leasing your space, Panoply Interior Design offers an array of updated, contemporary and transitional wallpapers that would be perfect for a boost of color on your walls. Even if you are not to wallpaper, what about a hollow core door that you can lean against the wall? What about framing several amazing wallpaper samples in an eclectic mix of frames for a collage above your sofa? The trick to a leased space is to make your style portable. Window treatments, pillows, painted furniture, area rugs and anything that can hang or lean against a wall are the keys to rented style! You don’t have to be saddled with builder’s beige walls and drab vertical blinds.

Embrace your small space with functional and innovative interior design.

For those of you who own your home, you may still be struggling with furniture layout, color flow from one space to the next or even what scale of furniture is best.  It would be amazing if all home builders had an interior designer on staff to help them see that putting six doorways into one room will wreak havoc on furniture layout. Similarly, window heights, door placement and ceiling height can greatly affect whether you can accommodate several smaller scaled pieces of furniture in a space or if you need one large focal piece. Our motto at Panoply is: measure three times and purchase once!

If you are experiencing obstacles such as these, or any other number of design road blocks, reach out to one of our highly qualified designers. We enjoy taking the stress out of what should be a very creative and rewarding experience. Panoply Interior Design is here to help!

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