“Soft and Neutral” color palette popular with all ages

In one of our residential projects, this neutral sofa was paired with colorful artwork and pillows to add pops of color.

Users of Houzz.com, the home design website, recently were surveyed about their tastes in decorating. “Soft and Neutral” was the color palette most preferred by all age groups, with these shades favored by 75 percent of those 35 and up and 64 percent of those 35 and younger.

There are many techniques you can use in designing a pleasing palette of neutrals. Using warm tones of ivory and taupe, for instance, will keep a space from feeling too sterile. In bedrooms, a neutral palette is sometimes desirable for the relaxing, peaceful atmosphere it can provide.

Another reason homeowners enjoy using neutrals is that they know it’s simple to add pops of color through their use of accessories such as pillows, throws and artwork. With the right design choices, neutrals can be used to create a room with a very chic style and great versatility. This color palette will no doubt be appearing on homeowners’ “favorites” lists for many years to come.

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