Stanley Furniture introduces Italian-inspired Villa Couture line

If the approach of a new year has you dreaming of a new look for your home, you may want to consider the new Villa Couture line from Stanley Furniture, one of the lines available through Knox and Panoply. A curated blend of Italian cottage, modern and casual design, Villa Couture is a fresh, eclectic collection with a clean, sporty style.

Villa Couture is the third installment in a European trilogy of furniture lines Stanley Furniture has been introducing since 2012. First was the Arrondissement collection, which drew heavily from French influence; then Charleston Regency, with a lot of English themes; and the third installment has an Italian-driven aesthetic.

According to Adam Tilley of Stanley Furniture, Villa Couture is a line consumers may not expect when they think of an Italian collection. Influence for these furnishings was drawn from fashion and apparel houses more than from antiques, capturing a modern, tailored, textural look that’s very casual and livable. There’s also a very mindful, careful selection of the right materials resulting in an aesthetically pleasing and aesthetically different furniture line. It includes solid woods, American oak, solid cherry, oxidized metal finishes, and American walnut veneers. Two core finishes are Mottled Walnut, a fairly low-sheen finish that looks like lovingly aged antique furniture, and the Glaze finish, a beautiful, multi-dimensional painted finish with textured and cross-hatched detailing. To watch a video introducing the new line, click here. And if we can help you with more information about the Villa Couture line, give us a call at 770-251-4557.

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