Take a virtual tour of Capel Rugs

Rug sample courtesy of Capel Rugs

Capel Rugs, a line we are pleased to carry at Panoply, is known as “America’s Rug Company” and has been in the rug-making business for 96 years. The company began in Troy, N.C. and became known for its quality braided rugs. Capel continues to offer braided rugs in every color and style imaginable, and today they are also known for their many other styles of rugs as well.

Persian and Oriental rugs, outdoor rugs, contemporary rugs, casual rugs, southwestern rugs and lodge rugs are just a few of the many styles offered by Capel, and their rugs come in oval, round and rectangle shapes as well as custom shapes, scallops and octagons, and runners.

If you’d like some rug inspiration, click here to take a virtual tour of the Capel Rugs showroom at High Point Market in North Carolina. (Just click on the opening photo to begin the tour and click your way through their showroom.) And if you’re interested in selecting a new Capel rug for your home or office, please come visit our Resource Library at Knox Furniture in Newnan, where we can show you many samples of these fine rugs.

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