The wingback chair—a classic of interior design

One of the oldest and most popular chair styles is the wingback chair or wing chair. Wingback chairs are said to have first appeared in the 1600s, become popular in the 1700s, and today the wingback chair is considered a classic of interior design.

The chair gets its name from the fact its side pieces, or “wings,” were designed to protect the occupant from drafts. If the chair was situated near a fireplace, the chair’s wings were also favored for helping capture the heat from the fire. But while wingback chairs are right at home next a cozy fireplace, they are also useful in almost every room of the home, from the dining room (as long as the arms clear the table) to the bedroom (where they’re great for filling a corner space) and, of course, the living room, where they serve singly or in pairs to help balance a grouping. Wingback chairs come in both traditional and more contemporary styles, and some even have high backs or exaggerated wings.

This wingback chair from Craftmaster in a popular blue, cream and tan color palette is a great example of a wingback chair that would be perfectly at home in a number of different settings. And like all of Craftmaster’s furniture, this chair is customizable in literally hundreds of other fabric options as well, making it easy to find the perfect look for any decor. If you’d like to see the latest in wingback chairs, please visit our Knox and Panoply showrooms and we’ll be glad to show you more.

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