The sofa: one piece of furniture people won’t buy online


A sofa is one purchase many consumers simply aren’t willing to make online, according to a recent survey.


Thanks to the Internet there’s hardly anything a consumer can’t buy online today, but according to a recent survey commissioned by Furniture/Today magazine and the online site Apartment Therapy, there’s one piece of furniture that many consumers say they would never buy online: a sofa.

According to the survey, 47 percent of consumers would never buy a sofa online and 20 percent would never buy a mattress online. For Millennials (18-33), the top three items they’re most unhappy purchasing online are area rugs, sofas and stationary chairs. For Generation X (34-49), the top purchases they’ve been unhappy with purchasing online are area rugs, stationary chairs, dining room furniture and decorative accessories. Baby Boomers (50-68) have been disappointed with their online purchases of area rugs, stationary chairs, occasional tables, lamps and window treatments.

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