Things to consider when buying a new rug

Jaipur Rugs, a company headquartered in Atlanta but founded in India, is a line of quality, competitively priced rugs we carry at Knox and Panoply. When you’re looking for a new rug, the following tips from the professionals at Jaipur will help you make the right decision about which rug is best for your home.

Where will I use it? Room traffic should be a consideration when choosing a rug. Heavy traffic areas need more durable rugs. Indoor/outdoor rugs are also popular today, and some rugs are specially made to endure the elements.

Why do I need it? Some rugs are great for creating a focal point. Brighter colors and busier designs draw the eye. If the goal is to protect the floor, harder-wearing fibers offer greater protection. To insulate a room and muffle sound, certain fibers offer better insulation than others. And to add comfort underfoot, softer fibers are more comfortable than coarser ones.

What is my budget? Jaipur offers rugs from entry-level to luxury. Some rugs, such as hand-knotted styles, are more expensive than other styles, such as flat weave.

What is my current décor? It’s important to consider the current style of the room when selecting a rug. Does the décor of the room require a specific kind of rug? And the color palette is important as well. What colors already exist in the space?

If you’d like more help selecting a new rug, come visit us at Knox and Panoply and see some of the rugs and rug samples we have on display in our showrooms.

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