Trendy meets traditional in industrial chic decor

The industrial chic design trend continues, with many younger homeowners in particular favoring a decor that may incorporate elements including stainless steel, concrete floors, exposed pipes, unfinished walls, and even unfinished upholstery on the furniture. This style has been widely popularized as the “Restoration Hardware” look, and it’s possible to appreciate this trend by incorporating simply an item or two of industrial chic design into a traditional decor.

One such item from our showroom at Knox Furniture is this recycled tripod table. This 25-1/2-inch tall side table is truly a repurposed and unique item. The table top is a wheel from antique peasant carts traditionally used in the Northern Provinces of China, and the base is crafted of recycled iron.

In our furniture grouping at Knox, we combined this table quite elegantly with a linen sofa and love seat, an on-trend spool chair, and a distressed wood coffee table on casters. If you’d like more ideas on how to pair some of today’s trendiest furnishings with traditional decor, stop by Knox Furniture in Newnan and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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