Wallcoverings making a Comeback. Interior Design Peachtree City, GA.

Wallpaper which fell out of favor for many years is beginning to make a come back.  But what I am seeing in the newest collections is a much more subtle use of the medium.  Now instead being  in-your-face with color and pattern it is quieter and more of a back drop for whatever else is layered in the room.  It can even be used in the monochromatic schemes that so many people are loving right now.  It has a sophistication that in the past only the most expensive papers afforded you.  If your painted walls are beginning to seem bland or you are looking for a pick me up then take a look at what both Thibaut and Stroheim-Roman have to offer.  And as always, if you are stumped on where to locate these wonderful lines of wallpaper give Panoply a call.

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