What is a demilune?

The Duchamp Demilune Sideboard (Photo courtesy of Hickory Chair)

In French the words “demi lune” mean half-moon, and in interior design, a demilune is the name for a piece of furniture whose top is shaped like a crescent or half-moon. A demilune can also refer to a table with a hinged drop leaf, allowing the table to be used as a full circle when needed, then returned to the half-moon shape and kept against a wall when the extra space is not needed.

In a twist on the demilune, Hickory Chair has just introduced its Duchamp Demilune Sideboard with Wood Top from its Atelier Collection. The classic French form of the demilune is elongated with clean, smooth lines and simple, tapered legs.

The piece features two interior drawers—one with a silver liner—which provide ample storage, while two shelves adjust to accommodate items of various sizes. Customers may select from two top options, a wood top or a Satillia marble top, to provide personalization along with dozens of finish options. If you’re interested in adding a classic demilune to your home decor, give us a call and we’ll be glad to help.

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