When it’s good to be “distressed”

Samples of distressed furniture finishes from the Panoply design library

Most of the time the word “distressed” is not considered a positive one, but in the world of furniture finishes, a “distressed” look can be a desirable characteristic if you’re seeking an intentionally aged look in your home’s decor. Of course if a piece of furniture has genuine age to it, its distressed look is often simply a result of the wear and tear of time. With new furniture, however, a distressed finish may be used to make a piece appear to have some history to it.

And distressed finishes aren’t just for furniture. Did you know that walls can be distressed? This room pictured on Houzz.com shows painted walls that have been designed to resemble peeling paint.

A distressed finish on walls or furnishings may also be used to add texture to a room’s design. The distressed look can be quite versatile, working equally well in cottage and contemporary decors. If you’re looking for distressed pieces to incorporate into your home’s decor, don’t be distressed—just give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist with the selection process.

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