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Design Process

Panoply Interior Design & Consulting

When we begin a project, we meet with the client to determine their needs and desires. We discuss all aspects of the project with particular emphasis on client likes and dislikes, color preferences, how they wish to use the room, space requirements and more.

The next step is the furniture floor plan. This is the road map for the project. A furniture floor plan helps to determine construction and electrical plans. The sooner a designer is brought in on a project the better.

Too often, the room may not accommodate the client’s existing furniture, and in new construction, it is important to know where the furniture will be placed so that the lighting, both outlets and overhead, may be planned for a harmonious flow.  Outlets in the middle of the room allow for floating furniture in the room while still allowing for accent lighting. In addition to the technical aspects of a furniture floor plan, there are also the aesthetic ones. Balance and continuity are a must and are achieved by a balance of tall and lower pieces of furniture, skirted and leggy pieces, as well as the continuity achieved by creating intimate conversation areas along with the flow of the colors of fabrics on upholstery.

A good designer always has a great plan. Planning everything ahead of time ensures that frustrations, mistakes and oversights are avoided. To achieve such a great plan and before a single dollar is spent, we plot out every detail of the design on paper by first choosing fabrics, furniture, finishes and paint colors. All of these elements are laid out around the furniture floor plan to solidify the vision. This creates a two-dimensional visual of our design plan and to make sure we’ve met our client’s needs. These details and countless others all play a part in a successful design and a happy client.

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